Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has brought new ideas to Ubisoft's tried and tested mechanics

Assassin's creed IV

Ubisoft's latest title, Assassin's creed IV, black flag breathes new life into an arguably tiring franchise. The game, really designed in all accounts to be played on the next gen consoles has some truly remarkable aspects, sail as a pirate/assassin around the Caribbean performing deadly high seas swashbuckling and assassinations in equal measure (a concept, at least, that it is hard not to get excited by).

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Battlefield 4: Drive, Fly, Shoot and Command

FIFA 14: With the new soccer season returns another game giant


The world's most widely played and watched sport, soccer has a massive fan base on every corner of the globe. It's no surprise then that EA's FIFA games sell in their millions; their newest game, FIFA 14 is being released on both the current gen consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) as well as the next gen (Xbox one, PS4).

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Minecraft : A fresh new game in a world of publisher monopoly

insert pic of XBox

The success of Minecraft has been somewhat of a phenomenon, produced by no publisher so to speak it has a lead developer Markus Persson, who created an indie game that became immensely popular long before even its official release. A game that has spawned spin off indie games that are more popular than some well backed publisher games (Minecraft first person shooters and zombie games all downloadable from xbox live).

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